Meet our Staff

Sr. Susan Marie has been the “plant administrator” here at SFC for quite a few years, after serving at Oakes Hospital.  She works closely with the staff to maintain our center.  


Karen has been working at SFC for many years (since 1987!).  She has worked in a variety of roles, and now oversees the retreat center.  As pictured here, Karen still finds time for crafts!

Jacob works in our kitchen, preparing delicious meals for our Sisters and retreatands. He draws from his experience cooking for restaurants.

Nancy has been working at SFC since the early 200s. She does various sewing (and other projects), and makes beautiful items for our gift shop.

Michelle helps in housekeeping and with other work for our retreat program.

Corley also has been here for quite a few years. She oversees the dietary department.

Shelly works hard preparing and serving delicious meals, and doing other tasks at SFC.